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PRINSIP menyusun portfolio investasi

Sebagai seorang investor jangka panjang, sudah mutlak diperlukan suatu strategi dalam menyusun portfolio. Strategi ini masing-masing orang dapat berbeda tergantung dua hal utama: GOAL dan PILIHAN. Untuk goal, saya rasa semuanya pasti sama = ingin return terbaik, tapi bicara pilihan..ini sangat tergantung selera masing-masing. Dalam sharing saya kali ini, dalam menyusun portfolio diperlukan 3 prinsip […]

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I was born in Medan, North Sumatera. Currently living in Batam. And after almost 4 years of experiences in network design, configuration and troubleshoot, I’m now servicing one of multinational companies in Indonesia that was involved in telecommunication.

On my spare times, I terribly in love to read these kind of subject: Computer (Internet, Infrastructure System, Security, Network, Web or Database Programming, etc), Music, Photography, Social and Culture, Religions, A very-very little bit of Politic.

I am also love to do some sports: Hiking, Basket Ball, Walking or Sprint and Badminton. And a bit addicted to Musics like Jazz and Blues, Nashyed, Soft Rock, Rock Ballads, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock (if I need more power to switch ON my brain), at last but not least… knowledge sharing.

This blog I created, as path of me to learn to be a good writer. Yeup, I would love to learn how to write for any kind of topics/issue. Thus, please let me know, if there’s missed I’ve done on this page.

Thank you.

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